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Pokémon Black & White Entralink Forest tool 0.1 --> dream pokemon wondercard-like! (Arceus event included)

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Really useful to know the 53 available sprites for BW2.

I've added preliminary entralink forest editing, I'd like to complete the following todo list before a formal release, but If someone is really interested I can send a binary.

To do:

- Add gender filters --> DONE

- Add form filters and text for those pokemon with forms --> DONE

- Add no-sprite warning for those pokemon without sprite --> DONE

- Add "dream world emulation" (easy buttons to add legit dream pokemon)

- Add import/export buttons for whole forest (decripted, efdd file) and areas (pokeCgear/pikasav phl format) --> DONE. Also note that encripted forest can be dumped/injected via the block dumper in the tool, but I see no point in encrypted data right now.


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Ok, some progress news:

The editor is finished as far as no bugs are found: http://puu.sh/ptrUi/93686b3fa6.png

But I've only implemented pokemon cafe forest data so far for testing. What remains to be done? Create the databases for the other 7 areas. This means creating arrays with pokemon ID number, the 3 ID moves they can have and if they are gender restricted. It is an easy but tedious job, I hope I can finish today, but not sure about it.

There's also the BW1 and BW2 differences, I think I'm gonna add a text note instead of making separate lists since it's only 1-2 different pokemon per area, maybe add a warning prompt or something, or disable the OK button if the selected pokemon is BW1 and save is BW2.

Also, I'd like to add buttons for the PGL pokemon (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_Global_Link_promotions/Pok%C3%A9mon)

As far as I know these PGL promotion pokemon were added to the forest. I think they didn't even have special moves, they just had fixed gender. I don't know if I should make the animation random (I made so for the "dream world simulator") or make it be 0, as the legit arceus I have has 0 as animation. I recall downloading some of the event pokemon in phl format, supposedly they were dumped from real distributions, but maybe they were just created with pokeCgear.

Any info would be apreciated.

Also, if someone is willing to provide a list with the Dream World exclusive moves in the following format, I'll add a marking to the move to make it clear that it is a dream world eclusive move.

Format I'd need:

dream world area - pokedex number - Pokemon - move - move ID (in decimal)

(move id: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_moves)

Bulbapedia classifies the 3 possible moves in A, B and C maybe we are lucky and the dream world exclusive move is always in the same slot? That would make things easier.

I think I've covered everything regarding entralink forest.

ps: as I already stated, I don't see any point in ading an entralink item editor, there's nothing really exclusive to having items there, one can just add them to the inventory with pokegen. pokeCgear can edit those if someone is really interested.

EDIT: excel magic is gonna speed up the process A LOT since I realized I can convert pokemon names to ID and move names to move index number by copy pasting bulbapedia.

EDIT 2: well, excel magic is really something, I already finished addnig all dream world pokemon! It was way quicker than expected thanks to excel batch functions to get the needed arrays. Now I'll add the pokemon global link promotions and everything should be set.

Also, I've searched a little and seems that attacks go like this:

A: standard attack, the pokemon can learn via level up

B & C: can't be learnt via level up

* B: it usually seems to be an egg move

* C: I've seen it as egg move, but when it's not an egg move, seems to be the dream world exclusive move.

EDIT 3: @BlackShark, I've opened the forest file attached to the first post and I've just noticed that there are pokemon with movement set up to 28. I haven't seen anything higher, but supposedly the forest is from legit dream world downloads.

EDIT: nevermind, probably it's a bug in my reading code, assumed it was correctly working, which it isn't as it is obiously reading more than 4 bits.

Also, I've finished implementing PGL promotions, but I need to check if the resulting pokemon have the attacks they are supposed to have. Also, it seems those pokemon go to area9, so maybe I'll restrict it so they can only be added to area9... what do you think? Maybe I'll just add a warning if user is not in area 9.

EDIT4: The save I have has a couple PGL pokemon in the "standard" areas (I know because those don't have a special move assigned). I guess the only one that made it to area 9 was arceus?

EDIT 5: all done

EDIT 6: Full tool released here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?48943-GEN-5-Generation-5-save-tool-entralink-medals-join-avenue-and-others-not-in-pokegen

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