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My Shiny Umbreon just became not shiny!


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So I was playing Pokémon AS and breeding for another Shiny Eevee because I wanted a second shiny Umbreon. I was going to gift a friend my first one (I'm too nice sometimes). I recently took out my Eevee and Umbreon from the Daycare on the island and noticed it had leveled up by 5 but wasn't shiny anymore. I'm kinda pissed. One this was for a gift, it was shiny, had 4 31 IVs, and now it isn't shiny. What the crap? I put a shiny Eevee I got from trade in there with it for a while. I had been pretty lucky at breeding shiny and found 2 in the wild (I almost didn't catch the second shiny).

Could I have done something to have this happen? Is there someway to get my Umbreon back to shiny? How bad is it doc?

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Well, I've been hatching >10.000 eggs, sometimes with shiny parents, bit this never occured to me. I guess this is why no one seem to be able to help hère :S.

Either you made a mistake, put a non-shiny eevee in daycare and released the shiny one ; or something really strange happened when the daycare updated you eevee's infos. Was it a legit eevee or did you use powersave/PKHex to get it ?

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No I updated on accident so I couldn't do the Powersave/Pkhex stuff... It was a legit Shiny Eevee that I evolved into a Shiny Umbreon and I had left it in there and was hatching Eevee's for another shiny so I put a normal female Eevee with my Shiny male Umbreon (Named Shulk). I had hatched several boxes worth of Eevee and wondered what moves the father had learned while in the daycare and noticed my once was Shiny wasn't so shiny anymore.

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Just so you know, a shiny parent doesn't really increase the chances of hatching a shiny offspring, using foreign Pokemon (either one with a native or two different foriegns) which is known as the Masuda method is the answer to that.

As for this misfortune, I've got no theories as to how the daycare removed the shiny status from a legit except you'd been hit by an unfortunate glitch. Recently, I myself hatched a shiny Snivy using a Shiny Surpirior (and a Japanese Ditto) and it retained it's shininess when returned to me. Though I suppose that it's level 100 so not updatable could be a considerable factor.

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Not to be rude, but this sounds a bit like bullcrap and a bid solicit information in hopes of getting a shiny.

As much as there are glitches to change a pokemon (try Celebi egg glitch in Gen II, or Glitzer Popping in Gen III),

I can't find any proper chat of such Daycare glitches in Gen VI and proof that it exists.

Photos of your shiny from before (which if you don't have much shinies, such photos likely exist cause you would have been excited), and what happened to the eevee after may help to dispel the doubt.

Additionally, even if the game glitched up and changed a few bytes of your Pokemon,

it is more likely that you will end up with a Bad Egg instead of an "unshinyed Pokemon"

(because the checksum of the pokemon would not match, hence it becomes a bad egg; a measure to prevent cheating, to prevent players from just randonly changing a pokemon data,

in case any type of arbitrary code execution was found, but not properly implemented.

Also prevents players from battling with corrupted pokemon)

So far, the only time my Pokemon data "changed" in Gen VI is when I attempted trading cloning, and I cloned the useless/dummy/wrong Pokemon.

(this occurs if it was not timed properly)

Now, this is the portion that I put aside my skepticism and exercise some restraint:

You should check if any other part of your save is corrupted.

In the unlikely event that you triggered a glitch that cause reverse overflow of data that is akin Access Pokémon beyond slot 6 from Gen III,

you'll have more damage than just a Pokemon becoming not shiny.

Other things to consider:

1. there is more than one daycare in ORAS, maybe you checked the wrong daycare?

2. do battle with it, maybe you forgot what it's not shiny form looks like.

3. maybe you released it by accident and wasn't aware

4. maybe you switched cartridges with your friend

5. maybe someone is messing with you and released your shiny, and swapped it with a non-shiny?

6. maybe you are using some save backing up tool and you restored the wrong save

7. maybe your save indeed corrupted, and it restored half the save, which is from a previous save with a non-shiny?

And if nothing works, get someone to shinify a pokemon for you :/

I sincerely hope that it is a matter that you simply checked the wrong daycare.

If such a glitch were to exist, it would be a nightmare

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