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research Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon And PMD:GTI Research And Utilities

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Anyone here have a fixed version of the bin to bch rename application for the pokemon_graphic.bin? I've been working on a model ripping project on PSMD, but the binbchren I've downloaded from here only renames 1/10 of the files and the rest of the file names are still in integers.

EDIT: Seems like the download has been removed for some reason.

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I don't know if anyone's found this offset yet, but I have.

Temporary Statuses:
00A13134 - Attack
00A13138 - Defense
00A1313C - Sp. Attack
00A13140 - Sp. Defense
00A13144 - Accuracy
00A13148 - Evasion

Accuracy, I should note, seems to be differently numbered from its' 5 cousins. It's like, some numbers higher in their initial value. I'm thinking of looking into status effects.

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Recently I have been trying to get the debug menu to be usable in-game, and I was wondering, where would I start with this? My idea is to replace a menu that isn't used much or has a shortcut to it that doesn't require the actual icon. So far I have managed to get some results. some being just a blank menu with buttons that crash the game, so if anyone would know what to do now, please let me know.

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I made a Python script to convert between American and European rescue passwords for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Give it a password and it will give you the equivalent password for the other region.

The only difference between the two regions is that some of the characters are rearranged. The codes were easy to compare since the save files for the two versions are the same. This doesn't work with the Japanese version, where an American/European save file results corrupted.

QR codes contain a section of data that is very different between the two regions, and that I haven't analyzed yet. They also contain another section of data that is very similar to the passwords.

I also made a list of all the items in PSMD.

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On 11/13/2016 at 4:34 PM, Guest TyVogue64 said:

Welp, I know this is a bit of a bump, but I've managed to port both the Player and Partner modifier codes to the European version of the game, and I've been doing some testing with it.


So, Void Shadows works with absolutely no problems, even though it has no type. The Move Relearner works no problem, even letting you learn their exclusive moves. The "end of day" cutscenes also work. It uses the proper running animation in towns. Even Dark Matter works, however, you won't be able to move outside of towns. Another problem with these two is that they keep the Ability of the Pokémon they were beforehand.

All "real" Pokémon work fine though, including big ones like Dialga. Mega evos too. As seen with Castform above, if any "emotion" portraits exist, they will be used, but if they do not, the game will display a box with a blank blue background instead. Their type and ability should adjust upon leaving the dungeon. The correct moves can be relearnt with Hawlucha.

WARNING: ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR SAVE WHEN MESSING WITH CODES. Keep in mind that I have not fully played through the game, I used someone else's save to test. Apparently, there's a point in the game where you and your partner evolve temperariy. I do not know what happens there with a non-legit starter, especially with one that has no evolutions, as I haven't tested it. Also note that this is for the European version of the game.

The Code: 10A17C2C 00000XXX


Pokémon ID no.s can be found here: http://psmd.skyeditor.org/Pokemon

Usage: Use NTR Client or the plugin below. Apparently the latest version of Citra has Gateshark cheat support so it should work with that too. If using the plugin, put it in SD:/ plugin/ 0004000000174400. Launch BootNTR and press START + SELECT to bring up the cheat menu. Make sure your starter is no. 1 in the team and your partner is no. 2, then go to a dungeon, enable the code, and use a staircase. It should work. Remember to then turn the code off. Enjoy.

Credits to storm75x over on Fort 42 for the American version of the codes.

Plugin download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1-sBoZAiZiGSXZIRUVVRUQxVFk?usp=sharing

Let me know if you want me to make an American version of plugin, it could be easily done.

Not working for me... NTR 3.2 3.3 or 3.6 (luma)

I launch PSMD EUR I see the flash green screen, I press select I see the menu codes it's ok..Now I activate one (Be Mega Banette) in dungeon... taking staircase but my Pikachu (n°1) stay a Pikachu...

I use this plugin file : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1-sBoZAiZiGSXZIRUVVRUQxVFk?usp=sharing

Help please :(

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On 7/6/2019 at 6:35 PM, Dranzer2008 said:

Not working for me... NTR 3.2 3.3 or 3.6 (luma)

I launch PSMD EUR I see the flash green screen, I press select I see the menu codes it's ok..Now I activate one (Be Mega Banette) in dungeon... taking staircase but my Pikachu (n°1) stay a Pikachu...

I use this plugin file : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1-sBoZAiZiGSXZIRUVVRUQxVFk?usp=sharing

Help please :(

NTR is a bit old, follow this

or this https://pastebin.com/cpnzZcyv if you want to use the same method you were going to use with NTR.

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Some of this might already be documented, but I'm posting my notes for Gates to Infinity.


While the structure isn't exactly the same, this file still exists in Super and even Rescue Team DX (should we post about that game here? the native_data folder is very similar to the RomFS of the 3DS games). Because of the similarities, I was able to make a list of all the Pokémon in RTDX.


I don't think this needs its own page, so I'll just put it here:


after the SIR0 header, there are two pointers to what immediately follows, which is a list of pointers to the start of each of the entries described below
starting from 0x78 there are blocks of 0xC bytes for each item avaialable at Glorious Gold
0x0 - item ID (doesn't affect which item appears in the shop)
0x4 - price in Gold Bars


IDs of valid moves (the game has tons of unused moves that don't work or invalid moves that crash the game)

List of moves (I replaced the unused kanji symobl with $, empty lines are entries that don't have a name)

List of valid moves with details: https://mysterydungeonwiki.com/wiki/Gates:Moves#List_of_Moves

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Pokémon data randomizer: https://github.com/Blue587/gti_pokemon_data_randomizer
unused content: https://mysterydungeonwiki.com/wiki/Gates:Removed_and_Unused_content

pokemon_data_info (updated)
dungeon_balance (thanks to StrikerX3 for the help with this!)
dungeon_data_info (updated)
floor_jump (Mysteriosity warps to other dungeons)
sideway (detour notifications) https://pastebin.com/YRzcHxUD
List of known accessible detours: https://mysterydungeonwiki.com/wiki/Gates:Detours
The Telluric Path (Illusory) detour with Scrafty was, as far as I know, not documented anywhere. It's still not fully documented (floor_jump needs more research to know exactly which floors are accessed from where)
There is at least one detour that hasn't been reached in-game yet. It should be in the illusory version of Tyrian Maze.
Illusory dungeons are accessed from Mysteriosity warps. The game presents them as separate dungeons, but they're actually part of a few big (99 floors each) dungeons. The game doesn't display the floor number in those dungeons.

Not much, but worth sharing anyway:
gridless floors
moves (updated)

pokemon_data_info (updated)

Text dump tool: https://github.com/Blue587/md_message
Supports Shiren 4, 5, GtI, EMD, Super, EMD2 (probably) and RTDX.

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It's about finally time to make the latest post on this here thread a recent one. This thread has helped make it possible for me to mod GTI and PSMD more than I ever anticipated. I suppose it's about time to give back and help expand the documentation of these games even more.

This all started will me desperately searching for the move data in PSMD, confused as to why waza_data_info.bin was so different from the same file in Gates to Infinity. (Turns out that was just for move IDs) I decided to finally study this thread more carefully (I've been lurking around here for months) and I came across Andibad's observations and it was actually act_data_info.bin that I was looking for. Anyways, recently I've been looking through more files, still using the information from here to understand them. At this point I have several notes on various files of interest. And since various links here are dead, I'll be giving up-to-date observations that will be refreshed as I gather new info. And although this data may be obvious to some, you might have your own notes, posted here or otherwise, I'll still leave them here for any newcomers, and perhaps we can compare notes.

For my first addition, based off Blue587's txt files, are notes for the pokemon_data_info.bin for PSMD. Pokemon Data Notes.txt

The only significant file I cannot understand even when using Blue587's notes is dungeon_balance.bin. I've made two whole attempts to understand it but I just can't.

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