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idea [Project] Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: Black and White (EUR)


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Project: Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: Black and White (German: Schwarz-Weiss)

(Made by Traiver & Equin0xxx)

Google Docs progress list: Click here

Project started: 08-13-15

Project release: Until November

Custom Serial: CTR-P-ASBW (can be found as download - later)

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: Black and White is a ROM hack of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS family and is playable with some CFW's and Gateway 3DS. It will be the first fully Pokémon based 3DS ROM hack! The main purpose is to create every single Pokémon (721) as black and white spirits and models for a lovely new experience. I'll not change the story of the game BUT there comes something more which I do not disclose...

Pokémon Changes:

- every Pokémon will looks like black and white versions of the current version

- shiny Pokémon becomes some lovely look

- rarity of shiny Pokémon will become more common (It will not as hard to find them as in the normal game)

- there will be some special changes on legendary Pokémon

Protagonist Changes:

- Brendan and May will become some fitted looks

- All gym leaders, too...

Wild Pokémon Changes:

- more soon...

Item Changes:

- there will be some unique items for legendary Pokémon, more soon...

Evolution Changes:

- more soon...

Other Changes:

- title screen, banner and icons (I need some help with it for more lovely looking fonts)

First screenshots:







- If you have more ideas, please let me know. Any idea for a ROM hack is welcomed!

- Help needed: Icon, banner and title screen edit for every language (kor, jap, es, it, en, de, fr)

Special Thanks:





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