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colosseum Looking for someone who owns JAP and US Colosseum Bonus Discs, Channel and any GBA game

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I am playing Ruby on VBA-M and I really want "legit" Wishmaker Jirachi (Salac Berry), Channel Jirachi (Ganlon Berry) and Ageto Celebi (Agate Celebi would be even better: https://tcrf.net/Pok%C3%A9mon_Colosseum#Japanese_Bonus_Disc) in my save. Berries can be other way around ofc.

So I am looking for someone who I can send my .sav file to so he can transfer those 3 Pokemon to the original GBA game and then trade them with my save using GBA flashcart. Another option is to dump the save file from original GBA game after transfering and then I can trade using VBA Link.

Is there anyone here kind enough to do this?

This could be useful:



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