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Orre/Shadow Pokemon into Pokemon White?


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Okay so since the browser exploit has been patched (boo...) for XYORAS, might it be possible to somehow inject the Orre Shadow purified Pokemon files into a retail copy of Pokemon White and put them through Transporter? Otherwise it would take A LOT of trading...Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

Here are the Orre files, for reference:




They WERE QR codes, for all the good they do NOW... :(

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When XY just came out, welll before the browser exploit, this was how I used to get "legit" hacked pokemon into XY. Of course it was limited to gen V and prior but it was better than nothing.

I used my pokemon white retail cartridge, pokesav and a device that can import/export save files from nds cartridges. I can't remember the name of the device right now because it's been over a year since I've last needed it. Try a good search. It plugs into the usb port of your computer and a retail cart can slide into the side of it. I can't remember the proce either but I think it was fairly inexpensive.

You simply copy the save from the cart onto your computer and then edit the save file in pokesav. Make sure the pokemon are all "legit" or they obviously won't pass through pokebank. In your case you use the data of the pokemon in those files.

After that youbjust put the edited save file back onto the cart and you can use poketransporter to get then into XY.

Of course the pokemon won't be kalos native but you can always breed them with ditto. I would recommend creatong a few 6iv dittos and transporting them into XY as well. They make the process of breeding native, 5/6 iv pokemon incredibly easy. You can also change the region of the ditto so that it activates the Masuda method,

Good luck.

Edit: Look at this thread for a guide on the hardware required. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?29809-3DS-How-to-backup-restore-your-retail-cartridge-save-file-for-3DS-games&p=165717#post165717

The one I have is the NDS adapter plus.

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