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I'm relatively new to the idea of the flash cart. I've only ever heard it randomly in pokemon trading forums when people would ask if i used an r4 or an m3 or such to hack check an event pokemon. I finally decided to start doing some looking into and i have a good few questions that i just simply have not been able to find a clear answer to and was hoping someone on here would be able to help me out.

1) FIrst off, I don't have any type of flash cart but i am planning on ordering one tomorrow i just haven't decided which would best suit me. I have a ds lite. Don't really plan on getting the dsi... I was thinking cyclo or acekard2i.

2) One of my first questions is I assume i'll have some kind of manager tool to manage all of my dowloaded rom games. So through this manager would that be how i get to a pokemon .sav file and then to a specific .pkm file for editing or hack checking?

3) Next i was wondering can you trade a pokemon from a rom game to somebody's real pokemon game? Or battle from a rom game with somebody's real game?

4) Also i was wondering how i would go about transfering one of these .pkm files from my rom game to my actual diamond or platinum game. I have an action replay, could i somehow use that in the process?

5) Is there a way to get a pokemon from my actual game to my computer to hack check it? And how would i do that and what would I need?

Basically i do a lot of pokemon event trading and such and am wondering how not having the actual pokemon game will affect me? And how i can go about hack checking my events on my real game now that i will have one of the flash cart devices. Thanks for any and all help.

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1) Well if you aren't planning to buy the DSi, then either buy the M3 Real, or Cyclo. Of course the Cyclo is more expensive, because arguably it's the best Flash Cart, and it's ability to connect to Pokemon Battle Revolution is another bonus. What's awesome about M3 Real is it's able to utilize M3 Sakura, which has a smooth OS. And it's simply beautiful.:tongue:

2) Um. Your Rom, and Save files will be in the same folder. so that's how you access it. And i believe you load your .sav file into Pokesav, then just save your .pkm file somewhere on your computer.

3) Yes. With the Rom your able to do everything you can that you could do with the physical copy, and more.

4) Hmm not so sure, but i think you just grab the .pkm file from your .Sav, then into Pokesav, then export it as a code.

5) Ah you download a file called Legally Checker, or something like that. Which was made by the ever so famous Sabresite. And if i recall correctly you just drag in the .pkm file.

Hope that answers your questions. PM if you have any further questions, or just make a thread. :biggrin:

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