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Is there a tutorial of general informative topic about the exploit in the 3DS?

Sir Couve

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Last time I checked, I could dump the box of my XY/ORAS game card, edit it and send it again to the game but it was a long time ago, it was in the early months of this year if I'm not mistaken.

I haven't touhed my 3DS since then but now that I have some free time, I'd like learn more about the process. I heard it started here at this forum so I believe I'm at the right place :creep:

From what I found and read, as long as we don't update the console past the March 2nd update (don't know which code number version yet), we can not only eject and insert the box data but also the whole sav. Well, I'd like to be able to backup the save to start a new game and then blend the 2 saves with some program. But I don't like to do things based on assumptions, I would like to learn more about this and what it does, you know, having a topic with something like "Everything you need to know about..." will prove very handy to me.

But since I'm new here, I tried to use the search, tried to mannually search around but couldn't find anything with complete information.

Well, I thought maybe someone who's around here for some time could indicate me a starting point.

Cheers! :bidoof:

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Sorry. I've read the whole thing and even tried to do the method but couldn't make it to work.

My 3DS is at 9.4.0-21E so I think I won't have problems with that, but I heard Nintendo forces updates onto the console so is there any way I can assure myself that I won't have any unwanted update coming to the console?

Also... I've tried to connect to the link: http://bit.ly/1JUgAFv but the address couldn't be reached by the console. It goes fine in my PC connected to the same network (the script starts).

The console also notified an update to the AS game. I don't want to even open the game without hearing your advice. Thanks in advance ^^

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