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feature request Pokemon Drop down by Pokedex number, ALL Items, load couple of default moves, LEGIT moves only


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I want to request 4 features :)

1: First of all, the Pokemon Listing by Pokedex Number. (maybe let people choose if they want by pokedex number or alphabetical order).

2: All ITEMS, like it used to be in pokesav. All items by category, such as key, medicine etc.

3: When a pokemon is initially loaded without any move, maybe load 2-3 of moves that into its moveset that it can learn normally (relates to 4)

4: Make A LEGIT mode, so if a pokemon knows a move that it shoudnt learn, automatically replace it with a random move that it normally learns. Make a "LEGAL ONLY" mode option? Which will allow people to make legal only pokemons and that way the illegal moves get automatically replaced.

These are features that will help me out a lot :) but obviously not completely necessary. Just makes things easier.

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Well at least #1 would be helpful.

Why is that a no?

I took a quick look at the code and if I'm seeing this correctly the entire 721 entries of pokemon are stored in a .txt file respectively for each language. It would require a huge amount of refactoring for #1 to be implemented as each of these text files would have to be replaced with either a hashmap or a 2 dimensional array (the former being the much better option) and then model bound to the combobox. Considering that you can just type the name of the pokemon and PKHeX will then give suggestions you can switch through by using the arrow keys a sort by dex number is very redundant for the amount of work that would be required for it.

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