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How to capture a Manaphy

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I am searching for a way to get a Manaphy.

I don't see any on GTS.

None of the guides I have read say anything other than trade from another game - and the game I had one on was stolen along with my original 3ds.

I suspect that finding a new Pokemon Ranger game, never played, is cost prohibitive.

Is there a way that, if I were to buy a used Pokemon Ranger game, I would be able to reset it so that I could get an egg?

If so, I do have access to a DSi as well as my replacement 3DS XL - would I be able to transfer the egg from the Pokemon Ranger to a copy of Pokemon Diamond, then from Diamond to get the Manaphy somehow into my Omega Ruby?

If that is unlikely to work, t am wondering whether there is a way using a 3ds XL running the latest updates as well as Omega Ruby with the latest updates to create a Manaphy.

If that is unlikely, then is there a web site that provides the ability to generate one?

If that is unlikely, then are there other players on the internet who could generate a Manaphy for me?

Thank you!

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If you have access to DS save editing, you can write a blank save to the Ranger cartridge. Then play through the entire game. Then use the secret button combo. Then transfer to a gen 4 game. (Then, I don't know if you need to transfer to B/W or not.). Then use the PokeTransporter to transfer to the PokeBack.

If you have an Action Replay, there's a code for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum that gives you a Manaphy egg, identical to what Pokemon Ranger would give you.

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There are several manaphy wondercards in the Gen4 Events thread : http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15283-Gen-IV-Event-Collection-and-Contribution-Thread, if you can inject pokemons into your gen 6 game, then you can use Pokegen (=PKHex for previous gens) to get it in a .ekx file.

You'll find pokegen here.

Open it then Options > Target Game > Any G4 game. Then, go to Tools > Mystery Gifts > Open (select the .pcd file you need) > Click on "<" button > To tabs.

Close the mystery Gift window, your manaphy should be on the left panel. Go to File > Save pokemon (from tabs) and save it somewhere.

Drag this file into PKHex's window so that it converts it. Update IVs and PID but don't mess too much with the infos. Use PKHex to save it as you like, then inject it to your 3DS's savefile.

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