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Request: Korean Goone's Scizor (4th gen event)

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Hello everyone, I am looking for a pkm file on something more specific, the Korean version of Goon's Scizor that was released for 4th gen Pokémon games. I would just use the wonder card file posted on the events page, but the problem is that I don't have a Korean 4th gen game and even if I try to inject it into an emulator version through PokeGen, it doesn't seem to work and the save shows up as corrupt when I boot it up. If anyone could provide a pkm/pkx file (4th, 5th, or 6th gen, doesn't matter too much to me but I would prefer 5th gen or 6th gen) of it and possibly a legit one if you can, that would be most appreciated since I have been wanting this for a while. And to further clarify my post, I looked through the Event Contribution Thread and several other ones on this site but could not find a single pkm file of this, nor anywhere else through Google searches. There was wonder card info in the thread I mentioned, but as far as I am aware there was no pkm file provided. At this point, I will appreciate any sort of help whether it's through a trade of this, a pkm file provided, or a solution as to how I can put the wonder card into the Korean Diamond version I have on my emulator.

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