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Action replaying Critical Hits On Wifi

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Did the pokemon have Super Luck as an ability? Also, did the move or moves in question have a high critical hit ratio? Was a certain berry or item used toheighten the chances of critical hits?

If the answer to all these is no, then you, my friend, just met the luckiest man alive.

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Not necessarily Action Replay. As far as I know I don't think there is a code for that. If you want a formula for VERY-HIGH Critical Hit Ratio then use this combo:

Ability: Serene Grace/Super Luck

Item: Razor Claw

Attack: Night Slash, Stone Edge, Psycho Cut, etc... (Any move that's description says High-Critical-Hit-Ratio)

Absol is possibly the most suitable for this set as it has Super Luck, can hold a Razor Claw and can learn Night Slash, Stone Edge and Psycho Cut...

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