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GBA Flash Cart?


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I need help on where I would be able to buy a "Flash Cart" (I'm not really sure what it's called.

Basically I want to use it to play GBA games on my Gameboy SP so ya...anyone know where I can buy one?

Supercard CF is realiable GBA flashcart, it can play NDS roms and GBA roms on a GBA cart! Also it had RTS (Real Time Save) RTGG (Real Time Game Guide) RTC (Real Time Cheat)

http://eng.supercard.sc/manual/cf.htm , but it takes MiniSD instead of Micro SD cards, you just need a Micro SD to Mini SD converter.

Or maybe I'm just a Supercard team whore.... lol

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I just recently bought a EZ Flash IV (to use on my SP, Micro, and GC Player), which I HIGHLY reccommend. I can't find really find anything about it that I don't like.

It's far superior to the Supercard and has no compatibility issues.

For the EZ Flash IV would the Supercard or EDGE work with it? Or is it only a GBA slot needed?

Also I guess the GP2X Wiz recently reveiwed can play GBA games, but it cost around 180 US dollars since it can emulate much more.

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