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powersaves and powerplay help please


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Okay i bought a powerplay instead of a powersave it says its a cheaper version made exclusively for pokemon im just curious to know if anyone knows if it works for oras? Ove had mixed opinions on it saying it does and doesnt so can anyone confirm it for me?! Thanks in advance

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Are ORAS Pokémon games? I think that answers the question.

Powerplay IS Powersaves. There is literally no difference. It's a sneaky marketing gimmick. The hardware is identical, and the software can just be downloaded online. I bought the dongle marketed as Powersaves, but I've used the Powerplay software ever since it came out, simply because it looks better and I've heard it uses a dedicated Pokémon server, whereas the Powersaves software is for all 3DS games (not sure how true this is).

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