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Web Injection isn't working for me


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I've been trying to use this method to put Pokemon in my game, I follow every step properly and nothing seems to happen. I followed all the troubleshooting stuff and still nothing. I've also tried PCedit and injecting individual Pokemon.

My info:

Firmware is 9.4.0- 14U (not new 3ds)

Save file is new, just got pokeballs and am at the first Pokemon center

Game says an Update is available, not sure if that effects anything

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Like, the website is not loading?

Also did you obtain 9.4 version by normal means? As in, not by game updates.

Are you running on sysNand or emuNand?

If the websites are not working, user Foxy posted alternative links using lunarcookies in the ram2sav topic. I can't recall them atm, so I'm not going to make a guess on what they are either. Just go through the topic.

Game updates being available is no issue, in fact, injection won't work on ORAS 1.3/1.4 and XY 1.4/1.5.

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