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idea SS more faithful to original Gold and Silver - contributers are welcome

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The project want to:

1) Fix correctly the 3 important items that are RAGE CANDY BAR, SLOWPOKé TAIL and BERSERK GENE, and put them in the right places.

2) Add the function to delete the pokégear numbers

3) Fix the places that have wrong musics respect the original Gold and Silver games (MT MOON for example in the remake have the music of JOHTO dungeon and not is right)

4) Fix the Game corner, with the right buildings, pepole and the function for buy coins. Restore also the COIN CASE in the Goldenrod Undergrounds. Move the fake Game corner into a new building.

5) Fix other censored texts.

6) Fix the Move tutors that will ask you shards instead of battle points.

7) Fix the obligation to battle with the legendary before the pokémon league.

8) Fix the obligation to have the first pokémon out from it's ball when you walk

I have already done:

Point 3, 4 (partially) 5 and I've found the script that come back a pokémon into it's ball. But maybe I need of a way to create a key item that switch a pokémon out from it's battle or inside. The point (4) it's partially because I've restored the COIN CASE, I've restored the original buildings of KANTO and JOHTO game corners, and moved the fake corner into a new building for maintain the Voltorb flip, but I don't know how copy the original slots from the uncensored japaneese rom of Soul Silver.

I need of a way to:

Restore the missing ITEMS (i've started an help thread for this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?46137-Item-hacking-SS-HG) and put them into the 2 Mahogany markets

Add the slot machines from the japaneese version without delete the Voltorb Flip, in the original Gold and Silver for the Game boy the games in the Game Corner we're 2, half game corner's machines play slots and the second half the cards game, with a little script I can ask 3 coins for play the Voltorb flip, only in the new building of the fake corner Voltorb flip will remain free, then will be a game corner better of the japaneese version of HG/SS.

Add the function for delete the pokégear number. I know only the script string that add a number: Recordpokegearnumber 0x25 actually add Morty's number. If I knew the string that delete the number I could add a multichoice dialog for every trainer, that will ask you if you want to delete their numbers.

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Always nice to see some decent HGSS hacks. Good luck! If I get some free time, which I can't really promise, I'll see if I can help you with those items. I've been doing some disassemblies for DP and HGSS recently and am pretty familiar with the area.

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Ok, Thanks, I hope you'll find the free time, because is very important for me. Not is simple I know, however for the BERSERK GENE I have two ideas, one is the way of the back to the bag for every save (but for the Battle frontier in single mode is necessary an exception and I don't know if will be possible, because is an important item that will be helpful to use in the frontier) otherwise a check before the Pokéwalker connection and a check before entering every linked place, a check for the item held by the team pokémon and for the item in the bag, if you would go to the union room or similar you'll have to toss the BERSERK GENE or assign it to a pokémon to deposit into a BOX. Not is simple, I know...

P.S.: I have a pic for the Berserk gene, not is original by GAME FREAK but perhaps is passable.

P.P.S. I had also the idea of restore the missing moves of the original Gold and Silver TMs, but I gave up the idea because the poké bank block the moves that the pokémon can't learn officially, and unfortunately some generation II TMs teach moves that can not learn in any way since generation III, and I would to create a good hack, that don't create bugs or other problems with the bank. Berserk gene can be stored with a pokémon into a BOX because the 5th generation transferer don't transfer the items.

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I have a new idea for restore Berserk Gene avoiding compatibility issues:

When you caught Mewtwo an additional message advert you that you have found the Berserk Gene and when the Mewtwo caught flag is turned on a new menu option become visible. berserk gene become a menu function. Not is longer a countable item, but an item like the pokédex, that have a menu where you can associate the gene to only 1 pokémon of your party, not become an held item. Have an on/off function, and when you are into communication modes turn off and become impossible turn it on 'til you're escaped from communication modes.

For restore Slowpoké tail is sufficient add a menu in the existing key item that show you how many are in your bag, and the possibility to sell it in the shops, key items in HG/SS are however countable, also if is not visible, then the existing Slowpoké tail become a sort of "Slowpoké tail container".

Same thing with the RAGE CANDY BAR, but it have to have also an internal menu where you can use it, 'cause in original GOLD, SILVER and CRYSTAL restore 20 HP like a POTION. Obviously have to have possibility to sell in the shops., and in the battle menu have to be an item that can appear in the HP healing slot, with a normal use.

At last Mahogany markets have to be updated with the new adapted items.


Remain also the need of restore Slot machines routine form a japaneese rom and a pokégear function to delete pokégear numbers.


Someone can do something for this please? :)

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