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answered Need help making OR/AS Randomizer!

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Well first you need to have decrypted your oras rom with xorpads or rxtools. (Only avialiable if you have firmware 4.0- 9.2) once it is decrypted you extract the encrypted romfs and exefs along with the encrypted exheader. Decrypt the exheader with xorpads or with an alternative process and do the same with the romfs and exefs. Once done you should extract the game data from the romfs and exefs. Once done copy and paste those files onto a folder. Open pk3ds and click on Open Dir (directory) choose the folder with the extracted romfs and exefs and edit whatever you want on pk3ds. My good friend SleepyJirachi made a video on how to use pk3ds to randomize what you want. Once done close pk3ds and use makerom from 3dsguy and exinjector to inject the original decrypted exheader and it will generate your editedrom.3ds then you wnjoy it on your linker (currently only gateway 3ds can play 3ds edited roms) you cant load a physical copy of the rom you have to either pirate a rom online or dump your rom from a physical cart. Randomizers are fun :) very weird tbh

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