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red / blue Pokémon Nuzlocke Red and Blue

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After a negligible amount of work, I have almost finished Pokémon Nuzlocke Red and Blue versions.

Version: 0.9; gameplay testing still required.

Gameplay differences:

  • Pokémon that faint in battles or on the field due to poison damage are immediately deleted from WRAM.
  • Losing the starter battle is possible.
  • SET is the only permissible battle style; SHIFT has been removed.
  • Wild encounters and gift Pokemon update a global Nuzlocke state. The Nuzlocke state is also written to SRAM, immediately after the data for last box.
  • All kinds of Poké Balls will be unable to catch a Pokémon if any encounter in the same area has taken place previously. You will not lose the Poké Ball. Legendary Pokémon are not exempt, use Repels or glitches to obtain them.
  • Gift Pokémon cannot be received if any encounter in the same area has taken place previously.
  • Losing all Pokémon in the party causes the game to soft-reset. They need to be released manually.
  • Replaced various instances of Revive and Max Revive with Rare Candy, Full Restore or PP Up.
  • Revives have been removed from shops.


  • Missingno., its stability and effects.
  • Special-casing of late game map groups, such as Victory Road.

Missing features:

  • Do not reset when the party is wiped out and instead pull a new party from the PC (requires a SRAM check for the non-current PC boxes).

Base ROMs:

  • Pokemon Red (UE) [!].gb (SHA256: 5ca7ba01642a3b27b0cc0b5349b52792795b62d3ed977e98a09390659af96b7b)
  • Pokemon Blue (UE) [!].gb (SHA256: 2a951313c2640e8c2cb21f25d1db019ae6245d9c7121f754fa61afd7bee6452d)

Tree of the zip file:

├── nuz_blue.ips
├── nuz_blue.xdelta3
├── nuzlocke.diff
├── nuz_red.ips
└── nuz_red.xdelta3

You only need to apply either of the xdelta3 or ips patches. Both are provided for convenience.

SHA256 sums after patching:

  • Pokémon Nuzlocke Red: b33690bac633db69e3749d2fde21613056fa8c957205eadbb15d80d52560faf5
  • Pokémon Nuzlocke Blue: 964764c06db7c4a204bd090ca6e1f7a9b8263df2df7e57309d43e34c73b6aeeb

nuzlocke.diff was taken against commit ec76703936ae690411a29c4f6ff11eef41ebdfd3 of the pokered disassembly project.



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  • 7 months later...

I have rebased the modifications onto the latest pokered. Missingno. is still untested but should break horribly according to my expectations.

No changes have been made to the gameplay; this is purely for people who use this or parts of this as part of their own hack.



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