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Some Event PK6 Requests


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I am looking for some PK6 files of some events. I am looking for legit copies, received in-game and not edited, please. US versions preferred, but stuff only released outside the US is fine as well.

  • Sludge Wave Gengar
  • Moonblast Jirachi

also not important but would be nice, any blue pentagon event legendaries from older generations

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blue pentagon event from older generations? but.. only things obtained in XYORAS have the blue pentagon o-o....

As for the PK6 files, would an in-game received powersaves wondercard suffice? (and dumped after receiving)

I meant older gen Pokemon like Celebi, there was a pokebank one i have, but there are some other ones that can only be blue penta from the 6th gen events because it not available in XY/ORAS.

also powersave events from the same region might work, but i think cross region might mess with some region flags.

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Ahah I asked some friends if they could clear up what you just said. I got confused by the "older gens" part as I relate "older gens" to anything before gen6.

Concerning the Gengar, I realized that I might still have a 100% legal one. I once got a code for it on the First Look event over here in The Netherlands. (First Look is like Games Con). I'll have a scan through my pokebank when I can.

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I would attach them normally but for some reason my browser is not letting me do so (both Opera and Chrome at that)

Here is a dropbox download link for Jirachi (verified regions, they are set correctly)

And here is a dropbox download link for Gengar Again, I redeemed this gengar myself after I got my serial code at Firstlook event in 2014. Can hardly get any more untouched than that ;)

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