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Togekiss and Umbreon. Wifi request. :)


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Secret ID: not specific

Pokemon(all egg hatched. Random dates during this year before the month of August Different dates for each pokemon please. )

Umbreon(shiny), Arsenic(male)

@Careful, Chople berry, Synchronize

252 HP / 92 SpDef / 164 Spe

~ Mean Look

~ Baton Pass

~ Wish

~ Taunt

Togekiss, Cloud (female)

@calm,leftovers,Serene grace

252 HP / 6 Def / 252 SpDef

~ Thunder Wave

~ Air Slash

~ Roost

~ Aura Sphere

FC:4984 3356 6330

Pm if you can help me with this request

thanks (:

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