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General Events Help, FAQ and Discussion Thread


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I'd like to start contributing, however I live in US so most likely any and all events in my region are donated already. However if there are any you need, let me know. I've been pretty up-to-date on all local events in the US (minus the tournament or location exclusive ones) since early gen 5. I keep backup saves on all my games on a regular basic, even back to gen 5. I also tend to not pick up my events in hopes of SR till I get one I like (which I never get around to doing).

Also correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Powersaves-based wondercards (ones generated/obtained through powersaves alone, not normal means) unreliable? I remember Alpha telling me something about that.

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I work best, use the method .pkm

Like Kaphotics said this topic is mainly for events contribution. People share WC6 files where other people can claims their own. If u are able to inject PKM files then u shouldn't have much problem injecting WC6 files.

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Hi guys

Im romina, nice too meet ya. first of all im newb and I know i never post but thanks to you guys I recover all my pokemons i lost in so many years for many many reassons that are not important to this threat, the only thing I wanted to say to all of you is THANK YOU for all what you´ll been doing to collaborate to post the pkmn events and wc6, it´s very important for us who don´t post much or ever, but you really save us.

Well question, I know you all guys work (most do also have lifes and I get it) But please someone will post the wc6 wondercard to hoopa when its out please ?

thanks very much indeed and greetings from Chile

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The thread's not closing
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Hoopa's tradable now, it's the 18th in Japan and they're all over the place.

Does anyone know if the Pachirisu event has a static PID or not? Just curious.

I'm not aware of any events that have fixed PID, actually..

Any enlightenment will be highly appreciated.

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