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Japanese events on English game possible?

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I can confirm that you can use RegionThree for Downloading Wondercards Via Internet & Serial Codes do work. For an example: Pokemon Omega Ruby NTSC-U North America Copy loading RegionThree on a Japanese 3DS XL to download events does work I've tested it myself "Serena's Fennekin". Since Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS is Region Locked/Free The Locked side you can't play the game for that specific country it was manufactured for it loads the Game Card like I said it can't be played. But the Free side you can still use Pokemon Bank with the cartridge. With RegionThree you can load your Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS and get events due to loading that specific region. RegionThree method can get you access to Multi-Region events on your own card the only requirement is a 3DS that isn't native to your region. It's fun using homebrew to getting whatever you want. Also for those who have hacked 3DS'es with .3ds roms and .cia files if you download the game it doesn't matter what region it is for example downloading a Japanese 3DS Rom or .cia file it will load up as the 3DS you play with for an example Pokemon X Japanese ROM being played on a European 3DS it will be European since it detected the region.

Also another note since I do have a Digital Copy of Pokemon Y on my Japanese 3DS I can confirm that if you use 3DS Save Data Transfer Tool with any copy of Pokemon Y due to being Region Lock/Free. I do backup my save on Powersaves before the transfer and I will confirm it does work.

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1.) Do Japanese serial codes work on an English game?

2.) Can Japanese Wi-Fi events be downloaded onto an English game?

3.) Can real-life local wireless Japanese events be obtained by an English game?

To clarify further (yet in a short manner):


Issue here ain't "Language".

It's "game region" and "console region".

1. As long as you can get the game running on a JAP console, (regardless if Gateway, Regionthree etc.), YES.

Else, no.

(using a Japanese rom won't work. changing the lang to JP or "save-region identifier" to Japan won't work.

Issue is that the server identifies the connecting 3DS as not Japan, and denies it.)

2. Same as above.

If you can get the game to run on the region you want, you can,

else, you can't.

3. Local Wi-Fi Distributions can be collected by any game.

Language of wondercard usually will stick to the country's main language,

unless they distributed the card in other languages.

Well, I'm looking for a .wc6 file of the World Hobby Fair 2015 Shiny Rayquaza given out locally in Japan, along with the other recent local Japanese events. The Event Gallery isn't up to date, and I can't find them on here.

If you dug deep enough,

you'll know that there is a .rar file with collated wondercards,

including a Shiny Rayquaza .wc6 that is taken from powersaves.

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Isn't the powersaves .wc6 file illegit? Link to the .rar file?

It's not illegal.

Or to be precise, its legitimacy is not known.

Chances are, Datel probably ripped it off the saves of the people who uses their device.

However since it wasn't directly contributed to us, we don't know.

However, the details on the wondercard doesn't look fishy,

so if you use it, it will likely generate a Legal Rayquaza.

you could find it at our event contribution thread.

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3. Local Wi-Fi Distributions can be collected by any game.

Language of wondercard usually will stick to the country's main language,

unless they distributed the card in other languages.

Well, more accurately, the Wonder Card text itself always matches the language of the game, since it is determined by a single byte. The text of every possible Wonder Card is stored in the game itself. What varies is the distribution text and Wonder Card title (in the way you mentioned).

I also wouldn't use "local Wi-Fi", since Wi-Fi typically refers to Nintendo Network distribution, whereas what you're referring to are local wireless ones.

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