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A few questions about trading hacked pokes over Wi-Fi Club


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I've been wondering about a few things regarding trading hacked pokes over the Wi-Fi Club..

How "insane" can a poke be made in Pokesav and still be traded over the Wi-Fi Club?

I'm thinking about having my team superpokes (quite obviously hacked), as I dont play battles online or really mind the GTS blocking me or such things.

I've searched a bit and can't seem to find an answer for my questions, maybe because they are too basic and stupid :biggrin:

But anyhow, is it possible to trade a poke with an illegal ability over the Wi-Fi club,

with moves it cannot learn legally, weird stats etc?

And, when making a poke with, say, 999 in all combat stats, will this be normalized (brought down to legal max) if you deposit the pokemon into the PC, or will the illegal stats stick even if you do the "box trick"?

Are there any more downsides about having illegal pokes in my game that I haven't thought of?

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well to be honest, if you're worried if a pokemon with those extreme stats can be traded, I would suggest not trying it. I'm 99.92% sure that you cannot trade pokemon with illegal movesets, its like a big red flag saying "Hey Nintendo! Look at me I'm an illegal poke!" if you get the drift...

Just play it safe and use your best judgement and only make pokes with resonable stats, evs, and ivs. Use calculators to make sure everything matches up and you should be fine.

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Direct trading (Via Wi-Fi or Union Room) does not have any built in hack detection.

The GTS and PBR have a very bare hack check on it. According to a thread on the old Pokesav.org forums. PBR Wi-Fi goes even further.

But this is really a better question for the D/P/Plat questions thread, just for future notice.

So with that said,

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