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help Is there a DSPokeEdit feature for Gen VI games?

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Hey guys,

I used PKHex and added a lot of Pokemon to my save file (150+) because I wanted to complete my National Dex and I don't have X/Y/OR. I have all the pokemon that I need imported to my game, but is there any quick way to get them registered in my Pokedex without going to the Day Care? (A DSPokeEdit software for Gen VI)? I just want to get that shiny charm ASAP. I don't really want to trade Pokemon back and forth between my friend's game and mine, because that will take way too much time.

I did search for this topic, but there were no threads discussing this issue in the current gen.

Thanks guys! All help is appreciated!:bidoof:

I found a post that talks about the Pokedex button, but that button apparently corrupts the files...

I also have no idea how to use it

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use the save file injection method and edit your pokedex. just add the pokemon you are missing to complete the national pokedex by editing the pokedex file. then you'll have the shiny charm once you go to the professor. the method to do that is here.


hope this helps. send me a pm if you have more questions!

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