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pk3DS: XY ORAS ROM Editor and Randomizer

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14 minutes ago, ABZB said:

That depends on which games you are working with.


In the Gen VI games, Forme is by default retained upon evolution (that is to say the Forme number is not edited by the evolution-script (which can lead to glitches if you make a Pokemon with a Forme evolve into one without a Forme)). The sole exception is Espurr's evolution method, which, if the Pokemon is female and reaches its evolution-level, will evolve it and change the Forme to 1. This is not helpful for what you want to accomplish, as Eternal Floette is Forme 5. As such, in the Gen VI games, you're going to have to figure out how to code a new evolutionary method, code some in-game event or item that will change the Forme of a Floette to 5 (like the Deoxys Forme changes upon interacting with its meteorites, or that of Shaymin with the Gracidea), or just use an external save-editing device while playing to switch the Forme.


In the Gen VII games, the value that the Evolution Editor displays to the left of the Level value controls Forme changes upon evolution. If that value is set to -1, then the Forme is retained upon evolution just like the default in Gen VI.

If the value is set to 0 or greater, then upon evolving the Pokemon will also take on the corresponding Forme.

In the first example below, all Flabebe will evolve into Eternal Floette.

In the second, they will evolve normally into the corresponding Floette Forme) by level-up at level 19, and into Eternal Floette if you use a Dawn Stone.




Ok yeah I should have specified and just straight didn't realise. Yes I'm doing it with XY, so Gen VI. I do not know coding one tiny bit so I'm assuming from that description that there's not really much I can do exactly myself. But that's fine, it seems I can use a method to use Eternal Forme as a 'mega evolution' so I think I'll just go down that route, making the forme just a form of Mega in my playthrough.

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Ive posted on other forums with no luck yet. Here's the issue..

I extracted an Omega Ruby .3ds using hackingtoolkt3ds. With pk3ds, I opened the appropriate folder and edited a ton of stuff. When I rebuild the .3ds file with the pk3ds edited folders, Citra loads the original ruby, as if pk3ds never changed any of the files. I tired this 2 years ago and it worked. Ive changed nothing but now these are the results. Any idea what could be going on? Could it be pk3ds is not editing the files? A little desperate as I worked on this for like 6 months back in the day and I would hate to be unable to finish it. Thanks!

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