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Powersave's code question

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Hello i have looked al over the internet and send an email to datel but nowhere i cant find what this code does.

pokemon 1-6 to box 1-6

everytime i use this code i get 6 bad eggs in my box 1

if someone nows plz tell me :)

Thanks in advance

Greetings Rlyzard

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They've added more pokemon to this code, it looks like they are planning to create the entire pokedex. They're also competively EV trained, have competitive natures, moves, and perfect IVs right out of their eggs, which is pretty impressive and convenient, and I'm guessing once they finish all the pokemon codes, there will be an option to load your boxes with a complete living pokedex, all battle trained and ready to go right out of their eggs. Not bad, powersaves, not bad. I guess they had to step their game up after the new exploit.

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