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Whats wrong ?

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Please excuse me for any mistakes my english isn't the best, i've got troubles getting my dragonite through pokebank/pokemover on the 3ds.

I have made a Dragonite that passes through Pokebank and Pokemover now i wanted it in a Safari Ball but if i change the Ball to Safari Ball it doesnt passes through, what am i doing wrong ?

I already tried "Day Care Couple G4" still didn't passed.

Here's The Code from the one in Safari Ball can someone say me what i need to change to get it thorugh ?

94000130 FFFB0000

B2000024 00000000

E0000CBC 00000088

3747098A 249F0000

AA33BDA7 19D01997

75158746 B3091D90

9316EEA0 5557CC49

6FE14AE5 7755CA92

3D68A266 AF22E97C




3B9018F4 5A685D20

6B421EE9 F657C42A

E46D12DD 38A3080B


32FA784A 5AAC3D1B

5AE12DE9 77E011AA


4A5C4BCA 138AF1E5

D2000000 00000000

Thankfull for any Answers :)

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Why not give the pkm file? Safari Ball? That means the met location has to be Safari Zone from HG/SS, ball breeding didn't come until Gen VI, so you can't make it come from the Day Care couple. Make it female too, so if you want to breed the Safari Ball into pentagon babies.

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^That and you'll also have to give up on Extremespeed because it wasn't an Egg Move back in Gen 4. The only way to have an ES Dragonite in Safari Ball legally is breeding in Gen 6.

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