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Web Browser Wondercard Injection for XY and ORAS.

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Hey SciresM, quick question, out of curiosity: would it be possible enabling the inject on the next empty wondercard slot? Or is there a limitation in the way the exploit works?

I would like to know if this possible but don't understand where to edit.

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First of all, thank you for the work you've put into this, to anybody that's helped. I don't know how difficult it was, but I know I'm gonna use it countless times. Secondly, is it possible to inject wondercards from previous generations? I see that they have different extensions than the Gen6 cards, and I wouldn't want to screw up anybody's system just to see. Also, do you know if it'll ever be possible to use this exploit to inject Pokemon into Gen 4 & 5 carts? I have no knowledge on the inner workings of this stuff, so I wouldn't know any better if the answer is obvious to you guys. Thanks again.

They have very different data structure. Better if you export those old gen WC to pkm and import them on PKHEX.

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Load the files into PokeGen's wondercard loader, then save them to the tabs. From there, you can save them as a .pkm, then load that into PKHeX as a Pokemon. Just be sure to edit the correct fields to make it right (since at the very least it will have been Transferred, and if Gen IV, you have to deal with PID issues.

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I got it to work and here are the steps, I simply first applied it the step before the gallery and then again before stepping into a pokemon center. Got the eon ticket safe and sound, thank you so much.

(wont work so far, my fault of not reading the OP like i was supposed to)

Oh, now it means that we won't be able to active Southern Island anymore? =(

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i want to add something very important

when you in the Mystery Gift menu and you just done this trick , you can see it replaced the first card with a new one

i just tried to repleace the shiny beldum with a new card ( i also changed the history of the card ) and its work

how ever , when i push back to see the intro of the game then you start the game , you wont see the lady

it was strange , where the lady ?

so i exit the game and went to see the cards , and i see the old shiny beldum card i used to have ? where the new one ?

the problem when you push back you don't save

i just tried new method , in the main menu , do the same trick and start the game immediately to see the lady , get the Pokemon and save

now exit to see the card , and you see the new card

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is there a way to add the card to another slot ?

Use ram2sav to export ramsav.bin (check the sticky thread in this same forum), open it with PKHeX, import your WC6 file in the desired slot by editing the Card Album (Wondercard button found under the PC editing window), export your edited ramsav, import it back on your cartridge via ram2sav.

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I have the same problem. I successfully got a Shiny Beldum Wondercard, then, the Blue Lady didn't appear in a Pokécenter and I saved outside of Pokécenter (I was on Llilycove City.

I cleared the cache, the history, and I even changed the wondercard to repeatable and unused. None worked. The only problem is the Blue Lady.

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@Waitress_Tsubame: The 2DS is a 3DS. The difference is: Lack of the 3D-screen and non-closing (clam-shell) shape.

@XDRZERO: First, have you ever received that event in-game? If so, you simply can't because the game saves that, it's not only saved to the WonderCard itself. But since you're cheating in the first place, why don't you just Gen yourself a Gen VI-"bred" Shiny Beldum? They can be bred, and could then even be a 6x31-IV with your dream moveset.

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do you have any other events that we normally cant make with ur wondercardevent tool?

im specifically looking 4 the MAX O-Powers events, coz when you unlocks them with PKHeX they dont have the Use or Give buttons... after reading some archived topics it seems like they have there own event Flags that need to be checked for them to work!.?

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Save File Dumping and Injection is available here.

This requires you use a 3ds on system nand 9.0-9.5. You CANNOT use any other firmware, nor a new nintendo 3ds, nor a 3ds on 9.x emunand.

If it isn't working, please clear your browser history and cookies and try again.

This cannot be used to inject the Eon Ticket. It has other data it needs to be considered valid.

Please do not discuss Pokemon legality help in this thread. The place for that is here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?40-Pok%E9mon-Legality

This is a method based off of Yifan Lu's spider3DSTools (https://github.com/yifanlu/Spider3DSTools) to inject wondercards in to your game with only a 9.X 3ds and an SD card reader.


1. Download wondercardcode.zip from the bottom of this post, unzip it, and put code.bin at the root of your 3ds's SD card.

2. Put a wondercard (.wc6) file at the root of your SD card, and rename it "wondercard.bin". You can find wondercards in the Event Contributions thread, or make them with WC6 Editor. There's an example included in the download (contrary serperior).

3. On your 3ds, open up the game you want to inject to. Select Mystery Gift, but don't view the card collection.

4. Open your web browser, and go to http://loadcode.projectpokemon.org -- After the web browser crashes, open up your game and check the card collection. Your wondercard should now be in slot 1.

5. Pick up your wondercard from the lady in the pokemon center, then save.

If it doesn't work, please let me know so that I can give you a file that will let me debug why it isn't working and fix whatever the issue is.

Source is included in the download.

Frequently Asked Questions

> What's the root directory? The Root directory of your SD card is the base folder. C: \ is the root of the C Drive, etc.

> What is emunand? Am I on Sysnand or Emunand? If you have to ask this question and/or don't know what either of those words mean, you are on Sysnand and this will work.

> Where can I find wondercards? Look here.

> The exploit isn't working! When I run it, nothing happens, and I don't have a wondercarddebug.bin! Clear your 3ds browser's cache/cookies. Scroll down to the bottom of settings and hit "Initialize Save Data", then try again.

> What does this work on? This works on Old 3ds and old 3ds XL firmwares 9.0-9.4.

> When do I trigger this? Load the website in the 3ds browser AFTER opening the game and selecting mystery gift, but BEFORE checking your card collection.


I tried this with a custom wondercard, such as for example a ninetales. the wondercard appeared but there was no lady in the pokemon center. and the wondercard did say unused when I put it in.

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Hello, I want to inject the Mew event, but the lady in the pokemon center doesn't appears. I do all the steps, i can see wonder card in the card collection but i can´t pick it up because the lady in the pokemon center never appears. I want to know if you can help me or you know what happend.

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"The Mew event" is kind of vague... it helps if you give us details, such as exactly what wonder card is in question.

Simple suggestion, make sure you are both far enough in the game and re-enter the Pokemon Center. If you have already, good.

Alternatively, since you are cheating in the first place... just Gen it? That way it's better than the random stats you'll get.

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