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Powersave + Gateway Save


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Hi, Im using a Retail Pokemon Omega Ruby.

However, i sold my 3DS XL to get a 4.5 one in order to use Gateway.

Everything works fine except the save part, theres no way I could dump my pokemon into the gateway save ( because it doesnt recognise firmware 6 and above savefile). I have powersave. Is there anyway for me to dump all my pokemon from my retail over to my gateway sav?

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You don't need to do the full decryption method? That's interesting.

I also had this issue and did the partial decryption, and didn't try loading it onto gateway because pkhex wouldn't let me export the save (I could view everything, didn't try editing). I'm not sure whether you have to change something before it lets you export it.

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I made a tool that takes your save1keystream.bin and a matching Powersaves .bin from the same game, then generates a completely decrypted save file that you can open up and edit freely in PKHeX.

You can download the binary release here. If it says something about a missing DLL, please tell me what it is, preferrably in PM!

If the binary release doesn't work for you, download the source code here. You'll need to install Qt5 for it to compile and run.


Update 2015-01-04: ORAS support added!

You can use the decrypted save with SaveDataFiler as well.

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