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Will non Gen 6 Shiny Pokemon add shiny image to the Pokedex


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I have a question about shiny pokemon that orignated in Gen 3 and Gen 4 games

if I trade or Bank in a Shiny say Groudon, Kyogre, or Rayquaza that orignated in Gen 3 games will it add the Shiny image to the Pokedex.

I been told on other fourms no were others have said Yes it does.

1 guy said because the Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza are shiny locked that the traded ones will lose their shinyess is this true also

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I've seen shiny Primalmons and Mega Rayquaza in ORAS being used, so I don't see any reason for them to lose shininess. They will not, as a matter of fact. Just because a mon is shiny locked in ORAS does not mean the ones you have received from the past will lose their shininess for no reason. My friend has a shiny Deoxys as well (imported from Gen 3), and it is still as yellow as ever.

Strange things also happen, as shiny story legends with a Gen VI pentagram were also being traded throughout Miracle Trade... strangely enough. Those are hacked, but it goes to tell you shinies do exist.

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