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Navidex level?


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Hello Guys,

Kaphotics can you add the possibility to modify our navidex level for a pokemon?

Thank You :D

if you're talking about the encounters through navdex, then im pretty sure thats a ROM thing and not actually saved in the data.

He already did. The Pokedex editor can give you Level 999 in the DexNav for any Pokémon you wish.


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It worked for me...here's how I did it.

1. Open your save file in PKHex

2. Go into the Pokedex editor

3. Set the "Battled" value for the Pokémon of choice to 999 ("Fill Dex" will set it to 999 for all of them)

EDIT: As of the 12/16/2014 update, "Battled" has been replaced with "DexNax Lv". I wouldn't use the 12/16 version though...it's a bit buggy, apparently (EXP values are off).

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