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research Pokemon X/Y General ROM Info

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pokemon data works differently in gen 6. in gen 3/4/5, pointers to specific pokes were passed directly into functions. in gen 6, a higher-level struct is passed in that contains different pokemon info. also, in gens 3/4/5, data was read from and written to pkms by only 2-4 functions. those 2-4 functions were switch statements that were up to a couple hundred cases. so for example. in gen 3/4/5, you had something like this:

u8 PKM_getNature(void* pkm)



u8 nature = PKM_readPartyPkmStat(pkm, FIELD_ABILITY, NULL);


return nature;


in gen 6, it looks more like this:

u8 PKM_getNature(void* pkm_data)



struct PKM_blk0* b0 = PKM_getBlock0ShuffleTypePtr(pkm_data, 1);

u8 pk_nature = b0->nature;


return pk_nature;


in the first function, void* pkm is the actual pkm file in ram. in the second, pkm_data is a set of data about a pkm. the data struct looks like this so far:

0 -

4 - is pkm is party (this is used in PKM_decryptPoke and PKM_encryptPoke to decide what exactly to en/decrypt

8 - pkm pointer

C - bool is pkm encrypted

D - bool encrypt pkm

so as you can see, while data is handled by PKM_readPartyPkmStat in the former, gen 6 actually reads each piece of data out in the get function for that data. they use functions to get pointers to each of the shuffled blocks and read from there.

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