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04/09/14 - New Update

  • Fixed: EK6 encryption should no longer save undecryptable files.
  • Moved: Dragouts moved to the left side.
  • Added: Save File Editing

  1. Box Editing
  2. Party/BattleBox/Daycare/GTS/Fused/Extra Viewing
  3. Pokepuff Editing
  4. Inventory Editing
  5. Trainer Info Editing
  6. Box Layout (Name/Background) editing
  7. Wondercard Adding/Exporting
  8. Berry Field Viewing (basic)

  • Added: Integrity Checking for Checksums and SHA256 Hashes of save files.
  • Added: Save file hash correction export to re-sign everything but the AES MAC (needs a hacked 3DS).
  • Added: Bypass for partially decrypted saves (exporting disabled).

Saving (properly) is only available if you can dump your own XORpad and have a 100% decrypted save.


Methods how to partially decrypt are in the X/Y Save File Research Thread.

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<del>Does PKHeX support Region Japan card?

When I use my Region Japan (Language is English) card, PKHex says "Save file is not decrypted. Press Yes to...".

And then, I continued by selecting "Yes", and there seems no error in Box and Party, but "Tools" > "Export SAV" is grayed out .

Maybe this is because checking system of PKHeX is not compatible with Region Japan saves.

I hope they support it.

Needless to say, but I fully decrypted my save. (with "XOR Saves")</del>

Sorry, but this was my fault.

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