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PowerSaves 3DS - Alternate Cartridge Help


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At the start of the servers going down for the first days of ORAS release, I attempted to use PowerSaves 3DS to clone my Pokemon in Box 1 to keep a copy for Bank and to migrate onto ORAS. This error'd out and murdered my cartridge (no longer visible by any Nintendo 3DS.) This forced me to purchase a replacement cartridge.

PowerSaves names all the saves by Game ID. Unfortunately, there appears to have been at least two separate print production runs of Pokemon X & Y for the USA. As a result, PowerSaves recognizes these games as two different titles for the purposes of Backups.

Pokemon Y: EK2Af6f01757 (original)

Pokemon Y: EK2A6e497c5f (replacement)

PowerSaves displays the available back-ups for the game based upon file name with the Game ID at the beginning of the BIN's name. So, I tried renaming the last backup BIN that I know that I had previously loaded prior. Which only loads a corrupt save.

HELP! There has to be a way to convert the BIN into something that the same game can be restored to!

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Thanks Kaphotics for getting back to me! It is with great lack of luck that Bank was not an option. The cartridge burn out as a result of this glitch making it unreadable by any 3DS (no cartridge would show.) I even tried cleaning the connectors the next day without any change. I started reading into the PowerSaves decryption method by SciresM that you laid out in PKHeX. I am able to kind of follow along (as rusty as I am.)

At this point, make a copy of the backup you just made and rename it save1keystream.bin for easy remembering ability.

You can now use this to open a save in PKHeX! If you want to open a save, XOR save1keystream.bin with the powersaves backup of whatever save you want to check out (I recommend http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/xorfiles.html ), and then delete the first 0x9C bytes in a hex editor (I use HxD). Save the file with the 0x9C header removed, and you can open it in PKHeX totally fine: http://i.snag.gy/x2jJ8.jpg

If I am following this right. The process is to create a key which is necessary to correctly XOR into a decrypted save file. (Since this is unique, this would had only helped if I had the key generated previously.) With this in mind, the same thread seems to suggest it is impossible to take a PKHeX modded save to re-encrypt it to restore via Power Saves, is there?

But furthermore, would had only helped if I had a Gateway... and they finished getting the current-ish firmware support update. :frown:

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