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answered Hello...Need help with PPRE

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Can you post up a tutorial on this because it wont work no matter what i do

have your rom in the same directory as PPRE and type in your rom name example.nds then click set rom you dont click on file>open rom that is not functional yet not untill most features are available at least

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to your first question: yes

moves cannot be edited at this time, but you can use any 4th gen attack editor, since the file containing move data is 100% compatible between all 4th gen games. to my knowledge, the most readily available programs only work with diamond or pearl, so to do some edits for platinum or heart gold/soul silver, you just have to extract the edited file from a d/p rom and then reinsert it into the other. this requires yet another program of your choice. i like to use Nitro Explorer, but there are several programs that work similarly.

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