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DSi V1.4 Supercard not Compatible.


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I have been forced to update my DSi, because of the DSi Shop channel. The question I was wondering is the Firmware writer says it will update the firmware and make it compatible with the DSi again. This is my video showing that it still won't work on V1.4


Firmware Writer:


About how long do you think it would take till the AceKard2 team, Cyclo DS team, SC team, and M3 Team will take to get it working on the DSi again? And no, I'm not pissed at all, I'm just wondering.

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Try visiting Gbatemp regularly.

The only thing i would suggest is to give it time. I'm just sure that with the M3i Zero your able to update it. So i think it will be a constant struggle between Nintendo and the Flashing world to see the outcome of the DSi.

I do visit, in fact every day, lol. The Supercardi and M3i Zero are the only Flashcarts so far that have an USB to update it.

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Wow i assumed the Acekard 2i would be update able. Does the Supercard update regularly or what? I'm not that experienced with the Supercard team. :tongue:

Like said above, I think it is, it just can't redo its bootup like the supercard can. Also the R4i has bypassed this V1.4 in 5 days! Wow. And the SC team rarely updates, but there unlike the M3 Team where they give up on a product, like when the M3i Zero came out they stopped working on the M3 Real. Anyways I asked the SC team if they were working on it and they said, yes.

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