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Find out SID of 5th Gen using 6th Gen tools?


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today I bought a black version 2 because it was on sale. I just bought it for one prupose: to RNG shiny Pokemon

In order to do that u need the SID. I was wondering if I could get the SID somehow if I transfer a Pokemon from my Black Version 2 to X or Y Version using pokemon bank. Through pokeSAV (or maybe another tool?) it should be possible to find out the SID of my black version 2, souldn't it?

I hope you get what I mean.

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You will need to either get some hardware to extract save data from your game (an NDS Save Adapter Plus or an ARDS), or you will need to transfer a Pokémon to X / Y and see if someone can help you crack your save file. Alternatively, you could trade to someone's X / Y game, if they have already cracked their own save file(s).

You should hop on the IRC on a weekend or something and ask around.

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If you:

1. Poketransfer/Pokebank a Pokemon from your black 2 to your gen 6 (X or Y)

2. Have a way to extract the save data (i.e. powersaves3ds or similar program)

3. Follow the instructions in this project pokemon thread to partially decrypt the save file so that PKHex can open the file

4. Use PKHex to view the file with your Gen5 pokemon on it.

The pokemon trainer data will show the SID of your game. It's a lot of work for one piece of data, but there really isn't an easy way now that the NDS wireless system has been taken offline

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