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Is anyone interested in hacking 3rd generation games still?


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I legally own a backup of my emerald version that I play on my phone all the time, and (for competitive battling purposes with friends) I developed a site to help me with hidden stats really quick from my phone, as well as .3gpkm sharing, however there seems to be a lack of interest in this.

Is anyone interested in gameboy advance save modification/preservation/training/breeding/etc. still? Or am I the only one?

I'm also interested in 3rd gen event pokemon, but in 3rd gen .pkm format (since that's all my phone knows how to use and collect), which my site can help with.

If interested, I could post some of my (very messy) code, such as the xor Functions that my site uses to decrypt saves, or give intel on how to unscramble, decrypt, and read GBA saves.

Is anyone interested in this at all?



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Thanks for your response! :)

Yeah, I'll contact him and see if there's anything I can do to help. Who knows? Maybe A-Save could turn into a website, so you won't have to download any program to edit your files! (Though, I'm being a little too optimistic with that thought! xD)

In any case, most of my friends love the 3rd gen, because it works with all of our phones, as opposed to the fourth gen and beyond; this is why I'm really interested in GBA save research.

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