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R4i and SD card (for DSi)


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I recently got a r4i SDHC and a 2G SD card. Since its my first time using them, can someone please tell me how to use them properly (or give me a link of a guide)? also, how do we download musics on the sd card? whenever i try to, it says something like ``cannot find any music (compatible AAC files)``. What is this AAC thing?

*This final question isnt really important, but it would be great if someone answers it. So i heard there are many types of R4i. Can someone tell me the difference between R4i SDHC, R4i ultra, R4i Revolution, and so on? thanks a bunch!

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You need an SDHC (4GB or over) and the aac thing means m4a, 3gp or mp4 music files (not mp3 :()

No, ACC is its OWN type of file, basically the best MP3 or anything else converter to ACC is iTunes.

As for R4i you need a Micro SD card to play it, also if it came with a Disc put the firmware on the SD card. And, do not update to DSi V1.4 as only the Cyclo DS (Probably not for the Cyclo DS) Supercardi M3i Zero and Possibly the AceKard2i will have an update to work on it.

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thanks, for your contribution!

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Sorry it seems like you wasted some money. With Flash Carts most, or not all require a. "Micro SD Card" they look like this:


The one you purchased is this correct?


You mostly use those type of cards with cameras.

haha, i first bought the item on the second pic. then, when i realized my mistake, i bought a mini sdhc... but, its not a waste since my dsi also needs a sdhc for photos and music!

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