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tool XYTE V0.1 (A Trainer Data editor for Pokemon X/Y)

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This is an updated version of KazoWAR's BWTE that supports Pokemon X/Y's trainer data.

(I removed support for BW and BW2).

Trainer data is in a/0/3/8

Trainer pokemon info is in a/0/4/0.

To use this, extract those two GARCs to folders and open them the way you would when using BWTE.

Don't forget to check ".bin extension only" when extracting from the GARCs.

If your files are named 0-784.bin (you used an old version of GARC unpacker), check the "Fix Formatting box at the bottom."

If they're 000-785.bin (newer version), leave it unchecked.

Don't ask for help extracting them, or for a decrypted copy of the ROM.




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GARC Unpacker updated (and posted to the forums); all files should extract, and filename sorting should no longer be an issue now.

Be sure check "Force BIN" and check "Don't Decompress" to ensure all files are extracted correctly. (Picture)

If you have a version of XYTE that has "Fix Filename Sorting" at the bottom, be sure to leave it UNCHECKED.

a/0/3/9 should pertain to trainer class data. 16 bytes, possibly related if one wanted to modify trainer classes?

Nice tool :)

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I'm a bit out of the loop: Is it possible to play an edited ROM?

I believe that if you repack the ROMFS you can play an edited ROM using gateway 3ds.

Also, updated XYTE to have the fix box disabled by default.

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