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Pokemon Team Request: Please Help!


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Well, I have an Action Reply, But I tried to make the team myself, and my game didn't want to work.

So, I tried My Friend's Pearl.

And That didn't work either.

So I need A Code For Platinum With the Following Team.

All Pokemon Have the Following ID Number and OT

OT: Alex (Male)

ID Number: 22004

Empoleon- Modest- Lv. 100 Ability: Torrent

Ev Spread: 12hp/252At/12SpD/232 Spe

Ivs: All 31

Stats: Hp:372, Atk: 271, Def: 275, SpA: 353, SpD: 301, Spe: 219

Attacks: Agility, Substitute, Ice Beam, Surf.

Flygon- Naughty- Lv. 100 Ability: Levitate

Ev Spread: 252At/88SpA/176Spe

Ivs: All 31

Stats: Hp: 364, Atk: 328, Def: 233, SpA: 259, SpD: 259, Spe: 299

Attacks: Earthquake, U-Turn, Outrage, Fireblast

Gengar- Hasty- Lv. 100 Ability: Levitate (Shiny)

Ev Spread: 100Atk, 156SpA, 252 Spe

Ivs: All 31

Stats: Hp: 324, Atk: 206, Def: 219, SpA: 394, SpD: 249, Spe: 350

Attacks: ShadowBall, FocusPunch, Subsitute, Explosion

Registeel- Impish- Lv.100 Ability: Clear Body

Ev Spread: 252Hp, 168Atk, 88Def.

Ivs: All 31

Stats: Hp:364, Atk: 249, Def: 438, SpA: 249, SpD: 438, Spe: 199

Magmortar- Modest-Lv100 Ability: FlameBody

Ev Spread: 252SpA, 4SpD, 252Spe

Ivs: Hp:25, Atk: 22, Def: 26, SpA: 31, SpD: 31, Spe: 31

Stats: Hp:285, Atk: 195, Def: 165: SpA: 383, SpD: 227: Spe: 265

Attacks: FireBlast, FocusBlast, ThunderBolt, Hiddenpower. (ice)

Roserade- Timid- Lv100 Ability: Natural Cure (Shiny)

Ev Spread: 6Hp/252SpA/252Spe

Ivs: Hp:26, Atk: 18, Def: 31, SpA: 26, SpD: 23, Spe:14

Stats: Hp: 257, Atk 146, Def: 148, SpA: 344, SpD: 238, Spe: 288

Attacks: SleepPowder, ToxicSpikes, GrassKnot, HiddenPower (Fire)

Thanks In Advance to anyone willing to do this for me.

I Need it done ASAP though.

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alright, i have 2 more questions: if the ones that you whanted are marked as hacked do you care if i made them look like they were hatched so they wont be considerd hacked? and about the attacks do you whant it to have the normal PP or something else? (in case you whant it normal i will leave it at 0 that way you just need to heal them and they will have the normal PP)

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here you go, use this codes separately, this codes will place the team you whanted at slots 1-6 at your party, the code has been splitted into 2 codes, enjoy:

code 1, slots 1-3:

94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E00000B4 000000EC

CD7E82F4 51D20000

04ECB256 80658302

65621F95 1F76E0C8

0750321F 30D2D202

6F72695D F670520E

B34A0108 DEA13C16

D53A120A 3EDE03BF

6D3823FA 31B95D4F

4031899C DD73BEE4

B9A07864 FD2D4F61

7E60E3A6 F425ED5E


0736172F 10B14561

5814A32A CB0B0938

F649799F 4C2D74CA

E7B22A02 D8E2D5D8

A20474EB A8143771

1390477C 82B27656

660570C4 713A9124

7B8B02F5 8F26803A

DC6727DE 19D65458

3140E0CE BF389278

53D9177F 220609C1

9B934C80 6307474C


8B591514 1CC01248

1462F5AC CAAA4780

EC4EF886 A235B2B2

1C12EFD3 E2E27704

80B482EA 00000000

E00001A0 000000EC

BD8389F2 CCEC0000


C8186095 D4335916

48A906B7 245DDA70

7D1A1C48 A2DB3A4D

949BE885 0EC1BF49

B5F493AA BF057C34


59DDB5B2 23FB4824

64E304BB B8B1C185

9A99E0FF 80283FA1

7059FBA1 85791233

A832ED91 0332B728

814915D8 F557DC25

D0E2E674 1CAE3273

171F9A51 A64C6E21

75822D81 D692570F

7491E835 41E4448D


AAB33449 46065A27

649A1E92 05C284F3

57AF94E6 12517A83

E98A989E B29BA380

55F068EA EEB92B5E

9BEEBA06 12B583AD

083E1AAB 9993C8AF

01EF3CC8 C494DB29

FD431571 62B9437D

B8DB0817 8C8531F8

291190F9 00000000

E000028C 000000EC

310E64F8 7E830000

8BE3423F 30D2F4E0


48333898 697FC317


2FD6D024 5F808B45

E2108DBD E45C6C76

79E09E13 95F6E9D6

C424EE7B 03D52DFA

358F34D3 F82B85B3

48B9B023 32D28CA5

B9D1E633 DF8B7284

1F09752E 5A29E987

BB2DC763 3160638C

93CC814D 30061B97

543E8AA6 91AB4CD1

2B9C22CC 5069DD46

861355B4 84C8E0B8



CE29233A 57F4D079

B8A26175 306D1585

593E6C5C 419EB0DF

7596FA39 6CB65DEF

4CA53F0D C1DD5997

6C892EE8 159A1EA8

208B917B 88757597


41A1FDE7 F74B040B

38B12AFB 00000000

D2000000 00000000

code 2, slots 4-6:

94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E0000378 000000EC

5A7B7D8C A19D0000

8A530C8A 419666CF

64516C49 6E4175AF

6B5FA4F9 C37989C9

8237483A 9C05F4B5

D246C840 4082B698

4C36CECF 8510280A

C594A0BE 1C9AC07C

4922C017 7351F294

8EC25CE8 3C1E17A0

68C34C5B 4B9598D7

30781EA8 59ECF213

76802680 8DD86394

64E2D4F0 467BDC21

B7C0F712 33D94E8C

9FB2BA29 E852EDF3

1B3F7498 5ACECE81

DA43CD1D 9118492B

241D5366 39383E69

231A9F72 A6D73684

489C36DA 5233D24A

54FD1571 BC6E6F7F

3BA457E0 3AE972AA

927735DF E22FB4BC

422FABA6 EE5A7E85

7F5E647C 4DB6C769

4FB3BA8E 31A3AB52

1F7CE001 C9BF4BE8

2B6D854A 8D4390FF

C29F90BC 00000000

E0000464 000000EC

184E5DF0 C85E0000

6885153D AA04BD40

D26FEC15 11A55635

EC7931CE 4CE71D64


6C916BDF 6B487C77

E0450C4E 60CA0291

94AC8974 05E22835

34F653F4 38195C37



E40E3594 57619754

D22F6268 DC12F355


169453D5 07098CD8

A51C2B0E 62BC3156

13771F30 60B4B2A8

5805D19D 0202ED61

B3F1C657 F4F054D7

0D389D70 5A321428

A7C43752 64007242

91FF5251 7E608DD2

176EE02F 91391716

2986E34F 85C056EA

D55543E5 AD1D397E

04C57BC9 ED4E5048

10212B8E D84BFF3B

E3D8ECD3 116B4938

BE81F5D8 A506EFC4

CB1F6253 00000000

E0000550 000000EC

5CFA0909 9FCE0000

87041975 C2F9CEEE

399454D4 78D5B210

F6B8D93B A2E53D24

BE6496CA F84E447C

7E8BB4E9 E9AF98E4

0070E63B 7C98501D

995110E2 479F060C

72969246 BAFA6F92


16FE7123 64989AE0

7F6737D1 C685B14C

3E74BB6D 8E1DB921

778BD7A3 A53DA16E

2989DC35 0835CB03


FC70B7D2 F011AD47


795FFB0B 449AE3E6

E4A7B46F 4D1EB0E9


97B83C44 EC9F7947

6B75F2FA 824AE3FB

990410B6 00604FD8

4C3B171A 027A2DD7

9D08C913 14B5E0E1

540E953D 5C5D88DD

64734286 17E879E9

2EF7C311 2A25E3E6

E248515C 00000000

D2000000 00000000

both codes were tested and worked on Platinum US, any problems/changes you whant me to fix/do tell me right here or pm me which way you prefer.

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