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SSSpwn and Save Editing


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With SSSpwn, do you think it would be possible to edit the save data of either retail or digital? I ask because with pokebank we know an app can edit the save data of both. I think it might require special permission to do so, which might not be enabled when SSSpwn takes over the system. Does anyone know if pokebank has special permission to edit the save data, or is it something that any app running in userland can do?

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Ouch! Probably they're might be a way it's homebrew anything can happen.
It's the most useless form of homebrew, though. It sadly has very little access to anything interesting for game modding, and as far as homebrew games or emulators go it's a bust too because it can't utilize the 3DS properly.

Smealum "claims" region free "should be possible", but of course he doesn't talk about anything technical. He's nothing but a typical Twitter braggart. "PLS PEY 'TENTION 2 ME I NEED IT PLS.:

If you want a media assistant or indie/homebrew games and/or emulators... get one of those generic Android tablets and some mobile-compatible USB controller for it. It'll be cheaper than a 3DS and actually have a variety of things to do and things to do well.

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