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Will the Safari Zone return?


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I hope it does. I'm not a fan of the method of catching the Pokemon in there, but it would be a lot better than that effortless grass of patch in Pokemon XY they call Friend Safari. I prefer a playable single player game with a large adventure field than a small means of putting people ultimately into a competitive setting (which I figure what XY was about).

Threads like this is merely speculation, so we would have to see. Either they reveal the information beforehand, or we would have to play the game and find out for ourselves.

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I'm hoping the original Safari Zone returns. Like you said Wraith, the new one is just effortless and not very engaging.

I remember back to the RED/BLUE/YELLOW days when it took hours or even days to try and catch a Scyther, Kangaskhan or CHANSEY (the worst offender for running away), and it made it both fun and annoying.

Skip 10+ years and now those pokemon are easy to catch and the games have little to keep you really engaged.

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Based on the OR/AS Demo sound listing which can be found on SciresM's pastebin http://pastebin.com/NgJ4vPZh it seems like the Safari Zone might make a return. If you scroll down the list, you will see there is a track labelled STRM_BGM_SAFARI. While this does not by any means confirm 100% that the Safari Zone will return in ORAS, it does make it seem very likely.

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