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Modified CyberGadget 3DS Save Editor for use with PKHeX (Updated 10/25/2015).


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What is the ID of your game cartridge? The number/letter info on the front of the cartridge, under the "The Pokemon Company Nintendo" label.

Do you have any other Japanese game cartridges? If so, you should test with them as well. If not... really, spending over $300 merely to cheat on a single game is what some people are doing. Switch to full importing and start learning Japanese while you're at it. Heck, you can get your extra language credits for college easily that way too.

If you are trying to do that whole "Transfer English save to Japanese cartridge" method, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case to begin with. Seriously, not a smart way to do things (modding the data is bad enough).

Since it seems there are some people that are having this problem, I guess we should start with trying to find out if there is any variance in the cartridges.

Also, it could be possible that for some reason you are in a blacklist area for their server (as in, you get the base program, but they won't support use). I have no idea if this really could be the case, but I wouldn't believe it impossible either.

Also, MAKE SURE you are trying this without the modified Cyber Editor (with a fresh JP install, let it update, and don't replace anything.). The modified Editor just makes it easier to access the save file with PKHeX; you want to make sure it's even going to work first.

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There has been a crucial update on CyberGaget save editor on Sep 2. After i was forced to update it, the modified version of save editor (the eng one) does not seem to work anymore. Normally the operations would pause and you could do your changes on PKHex, but it goes straight back to the save instead now and operations did not pause.

Will a new modified version of CyberGaget save editor be available?

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If anyone wants to use the original Japanese program with the codes before the updated modified version is available, just right click on your game and click the first of the two options, then right click any of the codes already there and add the name and code and then implement it. You can do two Pokemon at a time (in slot 1 and 2 of box 1) but no more, or the code will be too long.

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^_^; CERO is the Japanese rating company (A for Everyone, Z for 18+).

Yeah, the cartridge ID is right (you did leave out a "J" though).

And you've made sure you have done a fresh install of Cyber (uninstall first), then had it update on it's own, then try to access the Pokemon codes through the program without using either modified program?

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