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xd Need help recovering XD save data (Still looking as of May 2016)


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I'm trying to play Pokemon XD on my Wii, and have been running into a problem. If I go into my Wii's data management menu and check the Gamecube memory card, it says I have a save file that was created in December 2006. However, when I boot up my game and select continue, I get a text box that says "The Memory Card in Slot A does not contain Story Mode saved data to continue from!"

Since the saved data is shown to be present on the memory card, despite my game telling me otherwise, I'd like to know if there is any way for me to recover it, so that I can trade my party to Sapphire and migrate them up to X. If at all possible, I'd like to be able to achieve this without needing to buy anything, but I'm desperate enough to consider it if I have no other options.

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I've had this issue before too, after some research I'd suggest downloading the .gci to your computer and transplanting it into an emulator's memory card tool. If the problem really is a corrupted memory card then this is the only reliable method of getting what you want without tinkering with the broken one. Also, I went looking for Gamecube cards recently and the highest price I saw on them was $15, so they aren't too bad if you choose to go that route.

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