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answered legal to play Pokemon games with flashcart ?

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No, of course it's not.

Downloading a ROM and playing it is *always* illegal, no matter if you own a game card of the actual game or not.

If you however make a copy of your own game card, it can be gray area in *some* countries.

Also as those flashcards contain copyrighted data in order to bypass Nintendo's copy protection, the flashcards themselves have been ruled illegal in most countries as well.

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In the USA Flash carts right now are legal but downloading Roms is not legal. So far Japan and some counties in Europe have ruled them illegal but so far no word on any Judge banning them in the USA. Nintendo has a problem because bach when VCRs were starting out Sony was suied over Blank VHS and a SCOTUS ruled that as long as the primary function is legal that a product could not be banned if it could be used to do something illegal. This Rulling still stands.

Flash Carts promary Function is to run Software that normal would not be able to run. But it can be used for illegal acts if the SCOTUS rules they are illegal and that their Primary fuction is paricy it could have a reple effect and cause things like Blank DVDs, and others like it to also be illegal. I think this is why nintendo does not try and get them made illegal in the USA yet

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At least say it right: "A flash cart's STATED primary funtion..." The only reason it exists is OBVIOUSLY only for illegal purposes, as it would have no real use otherwise. No one is going to buy a retail cart and think "hey I'm likely to need a way to backup this game in case I lose it". You only buy it if you intend for piracy, no matter how much fancy lies you spout.

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