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Powersaves 3ds pro


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I got this device called powersaves 3ds pro and it is Awsome! I can literally get any Pokemon even diancie in their normal and shiny form.(With the exception with hoopa and volcanion.) I can even get all mega evolution stones including mega latiosite and latiosite but I can't trade those. So if anyone want to have a challenging battle or just want to get any Pokemon, add my friend code 5198-2943-5288. By the way, My name is Mario and be sure to post your friend codes so I can add you too

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Be careful when using the Powersaves because if you get a version of a Pokémon which is impossible to obtain, such as shiny Xerneas or Yveltal or any other shiny-locked Pokémon, you could be putting your online play at risk. I would just say be careful, and limit what you do with it.

The Powersaves also does have a reputation for corrupting save files. This has happened to me four times since I got mine, though granted I have been using it quite an awful lot. This isn't as much of a problem if you make sure to make regular backups, but be warned that if your save file is corrupted, and you start a new game, your old backups will no longer be compatible with your new save game, and there is then no way to get your old save back. Do not start a new game.

There have also been people saying that Powersaves has bricked their cartridge. So have a long think about how much you are willing to risk before you start using the device regularly.

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