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Changing Wild Encounter Music by Pokémon Species in BW2


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I have come to a roadblock in the development of my project.

You see, I want to add move legendary pokemon encounters into the game, but if the species isn't already registered as a special encounter,

e.g. White/Black Kyurem, Landorus, Musketeers, it will play the standard wild battle music by default.

I have a couple questions:

How do I indicate/program a special encounter marker?

Do I have to edit over an encounter marker?

Can I accomplish this easier through scripting?

On a side note,

If I were to edit the species of an already existing stationary encounter, how would I go about doing so?

and yet another question:

Can I add roaming encounters similar to Tornadus/Thundurus in Black and White?

I know this is a lot to ask, but if this is possible, my project can be extremely better than it is now.

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Update: I can confirm that replacing the pokémon data in a/0/1/6 does not change the encounter music.

At one point, I thought i could be a flag in the said location.

I tested this by injecting Azelf's data into Arceus' place, expecting the screen to ripple and the fourth gen azelf uxie mespirit music to play once encountering it.

The result was merely a floating Psychic-type Arceus.

Soon, I'll probably try doing a search and replace for the reverse hex pokemon bytes.


Virizion #640

in hex: 280

reverse hex: 8002

then I'd search each relevant narc and .bin one by one for every instance of this and replace them with the relevant species one at a time with a trial in between.

Tedious as it is, it is almost manditory that I am able to change these encounters.

My project depends on this and I wouldn't be the same if special encounters only had standard battle music.

I have a solution that WILL work, but I don't want to have to go as far as to replace, for example, the aforementioned Azelf with a second copy of Arceus which may or may not retain it's Multitype forms and just using that instead.

If anyone knows anything on the location or use of this data, it wouldn't go unused.

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