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One move sweep Little cup style by slientfox


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the third one of my lazy series .... is this one

mariopwnz's moves will look like this.

SilentFox's moves will look like this.

other text will look like this.

Leftovers will be removed.

Nicknames will be removed.

Scores will be shown after each KO.

Rules: Evasion Clause, Freeze Clause, Little Cup Clause, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Timed Battle

mariopwnz sent out Charmander (lvl 5 Charmander ?).

SilentFox sent out Abra (lvl 5 Abra ?).

mariopwnz: baby!!lol

Abra used Psychic.

Charmander lost 105% of its health.

mariopwnz's Charmander fainted.



mariopwnz switched in Fairyiyi (lvl 5 Clefairy ?).

Abra used Psychic.

Clefairy lost 91% of its health.

Clefairy used Shadow Ball.

It's super effective!

Abra lost 74% of its health.


mariopwnz switched in Oddish (lvl 5 Oddish ?).

Abra used Psychic.

It's super effective!

Oddish lost 186% of its health.

mariopwnz's Oddish fainted.



mariopwnz switched in Igglybuff (lvl 5 Igglybuff ?).

Abra used Psychic.

Igglybuff lost 120% of its health.

mariopwnz's Igglybuff fainted.



mariopwnz switched in Nidoran-f (lvl 5 Nidoran-f ?).

SilentFox: sweep

SilentFox: sweet

mariopwnz: yup

Abra used Psychic.

It's super effective!

Nidoran-f lost 232% of its health.

mariopwnz's Nidoran-f fainted.



mariopwnz switched in Gible (lvl 5 Gible ?).

Abra used Psychic.

Gible lost 100% of its health.

mariopwnz's Gible fainted.



mariopwnz switched in Fairyiyi (lvl 5 Clefairy ?).

Abra used Psychic.

Clefairy lost 83% of its health.

mariopwnz's Fairyiyi fainted.


SilentFox wins!

SilentFox: wow

SilentFox: um

mariopwnz: humilation

SilentFox: gg.....

mariopwnz: nope

SilentFox: 6-0 sweep 30secs

SilentFox: ....

SilentFox: um

SilentFox: ...

SilentFox: log

mariopwnz has left the room.

This log was formatted using Warmachine Version 1.0

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