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PokeGen 4.0?


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I want to get Wonder Cards on my Black 2 (English) using AR codes. The FAQ says that the codes PokeGen generates for that purpose will not work until PokeGen 4.0 comes out. What I would like to know:

-Is PokeGen still being developed towards a version 4.0, considering how long it is since the last update?

-Will the Wonder Card AR code for non-Japan B2W2 feature still be included or will it be forgotten about because everyone is using Gen 6 now anyway?

-Has an ETA for PokeGen 4.0 been given if it is still under development?

I'd appreciate any answers, thanks!

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I too would like to know if anyone is still working towards PokéGen 4. I was exceptionally excited to see that I had not missed the opportunity to get certain events in B2/W2 after all, and hope I still can. I'm still working my way through the impressively-massive B2/W2 AR Code thread, so I apologize if the code exists there, but I can find no mention anywhere of whether or not PokéGen 4 is still in development.

Kind regards,

~ RT13

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